Your first view of me!

Here is a picture of me with my best friend Molly. 

I Am a 30″ tall  while standing Boyds bear with brown fur with gold tips.

My trip to and my arrival at the Yates household was very exciting

And I want to tell you I was never frightened for one moment.

 MISS Mary says I am a very brave bear,

I arrived in a big plastic bag from the post office. Inside the bag was a beat up and misshapen ed  box that literally had been run over by some sort of vehicle. Inside the box I was just wedged in with arms and legs in all directions and not even bubble wrap for shelter!

Fortunately  for me I am young and agile and did not sustain any permanent injuries.i cried all night the first night here I was so shook up that miss Mary let me sleep between her and Molly the dog and that is where I sleep every night now.

.  I am a very happy bear!,

Take c are

Teddy bear yates

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