Spring around the corner?

Hey everybody
There is a tree out in the yard that is visible from the Windows in the crafting loft..  It is the first thing to bloom every spring. Miss Mary does not know what kind if tree it is but she us very thankful for the view. Anybody out there recognize it at all?
Here is a pic of me and HITTY JING Jing admiring the blossoms on  a very nice day in the carolinas here is another pic it is hitty bee and hitty JingJing discussing the progress of hitty bee’s new wardrobe.  REALLY miss Mary can move along at a little faster pace, we will all be needing spring dresses next.

Hitty JING JING was trying on her choices of dresses for

Valentines day and she kind of likes this one
Miss Mary took it off an old dress me doll and thinks it was crocheted in the late 1940’s. It needed very little alterations to fit her. It also has a matching hat. We must dig around and find that for  her.

Well talk to you soon

Take care and stay out of trouble

Teddy Bear Yates

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