Two of my closest friends

20170212_16070420170212_160559Here is a pic of me with Big Brown Bear and Daisy Bear,

BIG BROWN BEAR was adopted by miss Mary 13 years ago when her German Shepherd augie doggie passed away.  miss Mary thought

Big Brown bear would make an excellent guard bear and head of security and indeed she did, and she also keeps the smaller bears in line when miss Mary is away from home.  big Brown bear is over 4 feet tall and is quite impressive. When miss Mary adopted Molly the terrorist er I mean terrier, she took over security in a Big way, and now big Brown bear is semi retired.  you will often find

Molly the dog asleep on big bears lap.

Daisy bear is 23″ tall when standing and is the very last bear made

By boyds before they went out of business. She wears a perfect size 9 month old baby size dress and has a sweet wardrobe.

Miss Mary likes small dolls and Big bears!,

Hopefully miss Mary will get a valentine pic of her hitty dolls

Posted later today.

It is another fine day in the carolinas and we might take our

Handsewing with us and do some deck sitting this afternoon.

Take care everyone and have a lovely day.

Teddy bear yates

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