Various hittys observe Valentines day with not much fuss this year

Left to right-
Itty-bitty bitty raikes  hitty bee (cole)  with Itty-bitty hitty barb (price)

Itty bitty  tc with Itty-bitty bitty gale (lyons)

Hitty JING Jing  (hicks)

And 2 lovely handcarved wooden bears which

For the life of me I can not remember who carved the bears.

theThe Itty-bitty bitty barb and gale were resins from Sara Cole and were

Painted for mm by two very lovely people barb price and gale Lyons

And so have been named after these dear ladies. They are both very special

To her,  especially barb price who gifted mm

her talent of painting dolls

Hitty mom’s are so generous and talented people.
We only had the one photo done as miss Mary was feeling particularly tired and poorly today. There is no picture of me as miss Mary has not

Obtained a Valentines dress for me yet and I do not even have a red sweater to wear.  I did notice that mm has finally ordered some yarn from knit picks

To knit me a sweater, so give her a year or two and I might have a handknit teddy sweater to wear.

Instead of candy for Valentines day mm had her dh get her cake

And ice cream. She is always saying that since all of her dear people

Live north of the mason Dixon line that she gets cheated out of birthday cake many times each year.

Take care everyone

Teddy bear yates

One thought on “Various hittys observe Valentines day with not much fuss this year

  1. Your Hittys look so happy celebrating Valentines Day! I would be happy too! That box of Valentines candy looks so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o yummy!


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