Yarn has arrived

Hey everybody

I did not post for a couple of days because miss Mary felt kind of poorly and I

Had my paws full helping Molly the dog watch over her and comfort her.

While she was resting the yarn she ordered from knit picks To

Make me a sweater arrived in the mail. The colors are so pretty and 

Although she did not feel well mama Mary  ( she says I can start calling her mama) actually started knitting my sweater. It is so soft. She actually ordered enough to make a pink one and a lavender one.. I, of, c ourse will be

Pleased even if she gets one finished.

It will be in the 80’s this week,  as we are having the warmest 

Spring we have had here in the 20 years mama and Mike have been living in the carolinas. They actually lived in the Pittsburgh PA area and even in 

Buffalo ny for 4 years, where they still have very dear friends whom they

See too seldom.

Well if this weather keeps up she will have to put a spring dress on me.

I am so excited. She purchased some very cute dresses from ebay for me

I wear a size 2t or 3t, but the armholes have to be wide since

I have chubby arms,  mama says that chubby bears look healthy!,
Here are pics of my new yarn.

Take care everyone.
Teddy bear yates

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