Cowbear outfit to wear please mama

Another day – another thought

Some times I just feel like staying in bed late in the morning to do a little reading before starting out the day. This morning was one of those days. It is Saturday and mm’s early morning westerns are not on.

During the week we watch the hero’s and icons TV channel and watch wonderful old westerns like

Rawhide, wagon train, have gun will travel, wanted dead or alive and maverick.  With their good guys at sunrise segments.

Mm’s  all time  favorite movie was McKennas gold with Gregory peck . Others include magnificent seven original version, the 3:10 to Yuma, original , the old gringo with Gregory peck, and other non western movies with Gregory peck ,like the guns of Navarone.

Her favorite all time  book author  is Louis L’Amour he is a prolific writer of westerns.

His descriptive style of writing is very conducive to audio books. Although she read most of his books long ago

She is  is re-reading  all the sackett novels via audio with audible.books. she finds it amazing how exciting they are in audio and she can knit or crochet while listening to them

I never read them with her years ago so they ARE really exciting for me .

When we have trouble falling asleep  at night we listen and the next day we have to rewind a bunch

Of chapters we missed after 

Falling  asleep. It must have been a very exciting time in history. We teddy bears were not discovered until the early 1900’s so we  have to read about it and dream about it. Maybe I can get mm to sew me a cowbear outfit!

Take care all

Teddy b

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