More work on hitty doll projects

Well mama Mary is still working on unfinished hitty doll projects

I am a big help  mama says since she quit working 13 years ago 

That she has missed having a supervisor so I am doing my best to Supervise. Ha ha like that is true.

Here I am Supervising!

We are finishing a few aprons and a matching dress and apron set made from fabric that was gifted to us by Happy H 

at a retreat mama M attended a few years back. Thank you Happy!

We also have a dress slip and Cape set taken off a taller doll which

We need to hem for hitty to wear.

As you can see we have a lot to keep us busy.

We like to listen to music while we work and it is not too

Hot yet so we have the loft windows open.

I keep telling mama that with the weather so nice we need to do some outdoor photo shoots. She really needs to get her act Together!
Well y’all take care and stay out of Trouble!
Teddy b.

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