A very pretty day in the carolinas

Well hey everybody,
Today was a very pretty day. Mama M took me outdoors to photograph me with the azaleas.  A funny thing about the azalea s, they are just a flash in the pan and have such a short time to bloom and then weeks of old beat up flower petals. They look really good for such a short time. Maybe because mama is from up north is the reason azaleas  do not impress her. Everybody around here gets real excited about them so it  must just be her. In any case she got a pic of me with some azaleas  over around the Commons pool. We almost missed them another 2 hours ( ha  ha) and they will be gone, this will have to be my official easter photo since easter day mama came home from church and did some therapeutic  napping and did not get any pics.

On the other hand the carolinas are a great place for pansies  which bloom all winter here. Mama plants them at Halloween and they bloom continuously until late June when it gets too hot for them here

Then we checked out the situation on the deck there are big empty pots there which need to be filled with dirt and flowers planted. Mama will plant one with morning glory and moonflower seeds and then let them ramble over the deck rails.

Morning glories are my personal favorite.

There was a little lizard (known in the south as a skink) sunning himself on

the porch chair. They are always there and we always need to look for them before we sit down. Some people consider them to be awful pests but they eat insects and mosquitos which is good. When they are on grass they are green and on the deck they turn brown. I think this one got a little confused.!

Well take care all

Teddy bear

4 thoughts on “A very pretty day in the carolinas

    1. Krystal
      I love those lizards too! But uncle Mike just Hates them. Occasionally lly one will get in the house
      And he has a Cow! Have to be careful catching them if you grab them by the tail it comes off and they get awa

      ay. They actually grow a new tail. Rember your pet rats? Uncle Mike was being very brave when he let one walk on his back. Lol,,

      Love aunt mary yates


  1. We are fond, really fond, of Morning Glories, too. At one time we heard that there were BLUE Morning Glory cousins, Moonflowers, up your way. Have you ever seen them? It’s always a happy day when you get to “visit” a garden! Thank you.


    1. Jane
      Funny you should mention moonflower. I just planted some in a container on the back deck.
      I don’t have a lot of
      LUck with them usually only getting 2 or 3 to come up from 10 or 12 seeds. I used to plant them in the
      Front but the street lights kept them from opening at night so this year I am going to try them out back where there is less light at night.
      They are so great to bloom at night. Can you not grow them in Alabama? If you would like
      To try them I will send you a packet of seeds ,
      Take care
      Mary y in rock hill


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