Yet another hitty doll project completed

Mama mary finnally finished the  little quilt.   julies instructions  were for a larger quilt but she decided to use a half inch seam allowance and trim down seams to make a smaller item. It turned out very crooked but as she aims for enjoying the work she does  she is not so concerned. She does not want to  be overly critical of her work causing her to cease to enjoying the process. Since  she was making the quilt for her own hitty dolls  and not a swap ,she was satisfied with results, having long ago realized her  talent level. And learned to live with it. Overall she  was quite pleased with the finished item .now she has to decide whether to give it to hitty bee or to the much smaller bitty hitty dolls. Lucky for her I am here to advise her in all the important decisions she needs to make in her life.

Well next she is sewing a dress for me to wear in July. We  will attempt to get up to bridgeville pa   every July as mama has a twin sister who lives there and for the last 68 years they have managed to be together on or near their  birthday.. except for one long ago  . AUNT Geri does not fly so we try to get up there. My cousin honey bear lives with aunt Geri and when we were up there last July aunt Geri had made her a gorgeous 4th of July dress from kind of flag fabric. So this year mama will be making a dress for me in the hope she will get a nice photo of us cousin bears for the blog.

Take care all 

Teddy bear

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