Moving day has come and gone

Hey, everyone

Hitty JING Jing and hitty bee would like me to posts these pics of hitty bee’s new cabin after she has moved in. There needs to be some fine tuning  etc. To be done but that can take its time.

Now that the big move has been accomplished maybe mama can concentrate on Me! But no, now she has 2 more roomboxes she wants to make up for her gail wilson hitty doll furniture collection. Hopefully if I Supervise she will get it done quickly. Altho mama says that getting it done is most of the fun.

A few details the flooring was done with popsicle sticks that were sanded and painted after being glued down

the interior walls are dollhouse siding pieces glued down and then stained. The window was a small picture frame that was sanded and painted. The fireplace was an unfinished wooden dolllhouse fireplace that was painted and then had pebbles glued to it for tge stone fireplace effect. All easy and inexpensive options. 2 of mama s favorites – inexpensive and easy
Take care all

Teddy bear

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