Loafing around the yard

Hey everyone

Today is the kind of day people move to the carolinas for. Warm sunny with a great breeze.

Mama and I walked around the yard and inspected various potted and unpotted  plants.
We live in a town home community but we have an end unit so we have a lot of green space and a lot more windows than the inside units.

We maintain a small garden in the front and a few pots on the back deck. Also being g in the end unit we have 2 wonderful maple trees we call ” our trees”. Look closely I am sitting in the chair under the trees.

Our building also backs up onto a wooded area that runs along a small Creek. It is a protected  wetland area so there will never be any building put up back there. In the summer the woods become quite thick and there are deer, owls, bunnies squirrels etc. Here I am on the back deck.

I ended up taking a small nap on the deck. Naps are my Friends!

Take care all Teddy bear yates

4 thoughts on “Loafing around the yard

  1. Oh, how right, Teddy Bear Yates is – naps are our friends! An afternoon nap in the shade is a perfect way to honor Memorial Day!


    1. Oh Krystal
      I hope someday that you and Justin could visit. We would love to have you.i am still treating for the
      Late stage lyme disease but I am warning you when I feel well enough to travel again I will be
      Up to see you guys.

      Love aunt mary yates


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