Molly the dog has a very rough day

Hey everyone, My best friend Molly the dog had to have surgery 

On Friday to remove yet another tumor.  This was the 3rd one and it was the most extensive.  The first 2 were low grade malignancy.  The results if this one 

Are in a “wait and see” mode waiting for  the biopsy report. She had a really  tough  day yesterday and was in considerable pain last night. To restrict her movements she had to sleep in her crate last night with the door closed, something that never happens. She slept pretty good and this  morning she ate a little and even went outdoors to tinkle. She has always bounced back very quickly t from these tumor removals but  her age is 12 years old now. However she is resting peacefully and does not seem to be in a lot of pain this morning, mama Mary slept very poorly last night and I like to think I was a great comfort to her choosing to sleep with her instead of Molly since Molly needed a good rest. And I did not want to crowd her in her crate.
 I will keep you posted on her recovery. She is a real VIP  in this house and it is distressing  to see her like this.  Her doctor thinks it went quite well.

Teddy bear yates

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