Post memorial day – out comes the white dresses

Hey everyone , 

Mama Mary is from “up north” originally and is very old fashioned.

She insists that you do not wear white   or linen until after memorial day and you put your whites and linens  away after labor day. This really dates her and some of you can guess her advanced Age!

So last week before Molly had her surgery she dressed me and 2 of my good friends becky bear and betsy bear in our sailor dresses. She was not satisfied with the pics and may do a “do over” outdoors.

The wonderful quilt was purchased on ebay already embroiderered. I 

Believe  it was from a stamped cross stitch baby quilt kit. Mama likes to do stamped cross stitch but had never seen this kit before finished or unfinished. It was beautifully crafted and she got what she calls ” a good “price”, another one of her favorite things.
Molly the dog is bouncing back miraculously from her surgery.

Too bad people do not heal as fast. We are having a hard time restraining her. She is a very active dig even at the age of 12.

Mama calls her “my circus dog” because she never walks when she can run, takes the stairs 3 at a time and jumps over beds,  you go girl!!

Take care, Teddy fear yates

3 thoughts on “Post memorial day – out comes the white dresses

  1. I adhere to Mama Yates’ Summer theory – but then, I am originally from CT and we are very traditional about such things.

    So happy to hear that Sweetie dog, Molly, has recovered so quickly – it’s good to hear she is perky once again.



  2. What a darling cross stitch quilt. Just perfect for Teddy Bear Yates and friends.
    So glad Molly is doing well after surgery, and hope she is active many more years.
    Thanks for the sweet post.
    Celia C


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