Happy 4th of July

Hey evetybody
Mama mary and i did not post for a coupke of weeks because

Mama had some problems with what she calls  “medical related real life issues”. When this happens i do not go online often , preferring to  concentrate on comforting and cheering up mama, which is after all my main job in this household. 

 Fortunately mama had already sewn my july dress weeks ago as she had hoped to join aunt geri and her teddy honeybear in pennsylvsnia. In jluy and wanted to have me dress for the holiday. Well it does not look like mama is  going to  visit aunt geri this july. In the whole 68 years of her and aunt geri’s  life they have only been apart in july 2 times.  They are twins. They are very disaponted  but the wor ld will go on spinning regardless and both aunt geri and mama realize that it is  not the worse thing to happen.  

Mama and i fly standby as mama’s dear husband works for the worlds larrgest airline and last minute arrangements could be made to fly north if mama suddenly “takes a turn for the better”.

Meanwhile here are a couple of pics taken yesterday between rain storms. Very loud storms. Molly dog spent most of the day

wearing her very effective “thundershirt” which is a real success

During thunder storms and still to come fireworks. And speaking of fireworks they are very legal in sc and are used constantly here all year round for parties and picnics. I am helping mama set up a holiday scene for her hitty dolls and they will have firewirks. We teddys are not permitted to have them because we are a lot younger than the hitty dolls and a lot nore irresponsible and careless. Not fair,!!

Here i s a pic of  becky bear  (with her puppy  no no bad dog)

Me and becky bear looking very cute!

And here is a puc of us looking even cuter wearing our 4th of july head bands with built in ” fake fireworks”.

I hope ya’ll have a safe and happy holiday. If it does not rain later mama , me  and molly dog will sit on the deck and download an

Audio book and crochet on christmas 

presents. And if mama feels well enough i will help her get the hitty  dolls dressed and arranged.  “PLAYING” is not only good for a person physically but also good for the soul. 

Take care all

Teddy bear yates

8 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July

  1. I am sorry to hear that Mama Ian’ t feeling well enough to travel. I do commiserate as I don’t travel anymore either.

    Your Red, white and blue outfits are darling and I do hope the Hittys enjothe holiday too.



  2. I love the dresses & the adorable headbands! Your commentary is quiet cute! I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be able to make PA for your birthday. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of Geri. Love & prayers to you, dear cous’.


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