Yes we are still on this planet

Hey everyone,

It has been a rough 6 months around here. MAMA MARY has

Not felt well enough to play with me and help me write a post. I have however spent a lot of time snuggling with her and molly the dog

Since it is after all my most important job to comfort mama.

Since last post mama and molly the dog have both had surgery. Molly under went a third tumor removal. It went so well, way better than last time. She came home from the hospital 3 hours after surgery and said “surgery? What surgery?” She is such a little sherman tank. We gave her pain medicine just to keep her from running and jumping and pulling stitches. She loves resting with me and her and mama both think that ALL pillows should be teddy bear shaped

Mama had a 3rd knee surgery helped her with mobility but not much releif in the pain department.

Then in august she was attacked with severe veritgo. Wow what an

Unpleasant surprise that was. Lots of tests to rule out stroke mri’s and scans etc, finally it was decided that it was bppv, benign paradoxocal

Positional vertigo possibly brought on by the lyme disease.

Lots of physical therapy for that and she is still having random episodes.

However the big problem is her lower back big time pain . After many scans and tests it was shown that there is imflamed scar tissue from

Previous surgery and instability in L 2 where it meeets with the

4 leval spinal fusion. Lots of physical therapy for that

Also. Shots in nerve roots and increase in pain meds have made the condition bearable. Will decide in january if surgery to clip l2 to existing fusion would be more help than harm.

That is all. it is our intention ‘mama and me” to use this blog for fun not whining.

I just wanted to give an explanation for our 5 month absense.

Meanwhile sweetie bear who traveled with mama for years when

She flys and has to keep luggage to a minimum has officially retired!

She says her bones and fur are just too old to be wadded up in luggage and those scanning machines , well we just won’t go there. So here is a pic of her in her retirement night gown and slippers.

A new little bear named brownie has joined us and will be flying with

Mama if she ever feels well enough to travel again. Here she is in her nightgown robe and slippers.

And pic of me in my christmas nightgown. We missed taking pic of me in my fall dress. I will see if i can get mama to change me back to that dress and do a photo shoot.

Missed you all

Hope you are all well. Hope to post more later.

Teddy bear yates

One thought on “Yes we are still on this planet

  1. I hope things are improved now. It’s good for old toys to be allowed to retire after years of service. Good wishes for knees and lumbar spines! We have a similar situation. Sometimes a quick whine is called for xxx


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