New year new home

It’s been a very long time since I posted. Mama Mary had a not so good year physically but is feeling a lot better now. Not great but a lot better. Her husband is retiring in January and they have bought a home in Pennsylvania. After 26 years mama Mary is moving home and is thrilled about it.

Since I have only lived In China for a very short time and have only lived here in South Carolina I am looking forward to a exciting new adventure.

I will try to keep you posted. Here is a picture of aunt geri with her tree entry at the bridgeville area tree festival at the public library.. and a picture of the hitty dolls winter scene from last year. I have pics of me and molly dog in our Christnas sweaters but they are on mama Mary’s phone and she will have to transfer them over here to be posted. Maybe later.

Have a wonderful new year everyone.

Teddy bear yates

2 thoughts on “New year new home

    1. Celia. Geri and I are twins
      With me 5 minutes older than her. We have a younger brother. Who lives in another state
      Whom we do not see very often. I wish I had more sisters. I do have a childhood friend whose like a sister
      Who helps me with geri as much as her husband will let her.


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