My buddy “little” brown bear

Here is a picture of my little buddy brownie. Mama mary has been dressing her up and taking her to aunt geris to cheer her up. Brownie has a very extensive wardrobe of daisy kingdom dresses sewn by the late grandma ruth and mama back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Some were purchased already sewn. This one was actually sewn from a DK dress panel by mama mary altho it has a bit of red plaid in it, brownie thinks it is more of a fall dress than christmas.

This is pur first winter back north in. 26 years. So far It has been a very mild fall but mama lived here for 40 years so she knows it will be cold in no time. She is digging out molly dogs sweaters and has even started to knit a sweater for brownie bear.

Everybody please enjoy the wonderful weather while it is still here

Brownie bear and mama hope to get aunt geri out on her back porch today where aunt geri can get some fresh air and mama will work on knitting the sweater for brownie.

Take care everyone and stay out of trouble!

Teddybear yates