Lunch with aunt geri

Today my little buddy Bessie bear and mama Mary are going over to bridgeville to take aunt geri to lunch. Bessie wanted to wear a pretty Christmas dress but mama Mary insisted on her dressing warm. It is 19 degrees here and after mama being in the Carolinas for 26 years says if it is 19 degrees it may as well be 0 degrees. She is not a happy camper. She is even wearing a undershirt under her sweater.

So she dressed Bessie bear in knit pants and sweater with another cardigan sweater on top of it. A hat and even mittens. The sweater and hat is hand knit but not by mama Mary. It was an Ebay acquisition years ago. The hat is great, it doesn’t smash her cute little ears.

It takes all long time to get aunt geri out of her house and up on the street to get in mama marys car. Then she has to load up her Walker and we will be out in the cold. The whole time. When we just go to lunch we take the big rolling Walker with a seat but when we take her shopping we have to load up the small travel wheelchair which is hard for mama to do. SHE IS REALLY SHORT, and has to lift things over her head. Sometimes she slides it in from street leval but that doesn’t always work.

Mama Mary has rods in her back so she has to be careful

.she looks so pitiful that complete strangers stop and help her. Some people are so nice, and we try to remember to pray for people who help us. The really important thing to aunt geri is that she gets out of her house for fun on days she does not have dialysis.

Maybe we will have more photos later.

Stay warm everyone .

Teddy bear yates