New clothing for a new year.

Well here are some of my friends sitting around un dressed waiting to be redressed for post Christmas.In lieu of winter clothing mama Mary has decided to go ahead and dress us in our valentine dresses. Aunt geri is getting some surgery in February and mamas time may be scarce by then.

.they are getting cold sitting there and wish mama would get busy dressing them. Nobody likes being ” a bare bear.”

Take care all .

Teddy bear yates”

4 thoughts on “New clothing for a new year.

  1. Well, Teddy Bear Yates, you know, bears are never really bare–they are always wearing their fur coats!

    Sorry, Mary, I couldn’t resist!


  2. Well thank you very much. Two were designed and sewn by my mother years ago, one I designed and sewed and o e was pre made by daisy kingdom. The o nes my mother made are always special to me.
    as she has passed away. She used to dress her dolls for. Holidays and sit them out on a velvet settee in her living room
    M ary y

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