Late for valantines day this year

Due to a complicated real life situation mama mary was late getting us bears up and running for valantines day. So we are going to post a few pictures now. Unfortunately I personally don’t have a valantines dress to wear so there are no pictures of me.

This is a picture of bessie bear on the left wearing a dress designed and sewn by Mary’s mother ruth wagner back in the 90’s, and a picture of sweetie bear who also wears a dress designed and sewn by ruth wagner.

The next picture is becky bear on the left wearing a purchased pre sewn daisy kingdom dress and brownie bear wearing g a dress sewn by mary mama from daisy kingdom

fabric and a paper pattern designed to fit american girl dolls.

Then a picture of bears and dolls. The doll are wooden hand carved itty bitty hitty dolls. Mama mary either crocheted or sewed all the dresses on these dolls.

Mama mary just purchased a new serger (a type of professional sewing machine) so I am planning on making me some pretty holiday jumpers.

HOPE you all had a good valantines day and that you are all well.

Take care

Teddy bear yates

2 thoughts on “Late for valantines day this year

  1. The valentine dresses are quite fetching. And the little wooden girls are very prettily dressed!! You mam is very talented!!


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