A long time gone

Hey everyone

It’s been a long time since I posted. Mama mary did get all the bears in their easter dresses but never took any pictures. The weather was so bad and she kept waiting for a pretty day and before that happened mama mary let real life get her down. I tried to cheer her. Up but you see we lost our old friend and companion Molly the dog.. she was 16 and and it was no surprise but we all took it hard,

Molly Dolly Yates. 2004 – 2020

Then even more real life got in the way,. Mama Mary’s sister had to have two medical procedures requiring her to spend time in Bridgeville with her. And to top it off the new procedure was not successful and there might be another bigger procedure in aunt geris life

Meanwhile after rigorously searching for a new suitable dog to adopt, which took 5 weeks and was almost a full time job for mama mary, God sent us the perfect dog. Her name is shadow, she is a 15 pound 4 year old Chiweenie . Think about that one

She does not photograph well because she is such a dark color.

Well anyway the bears are still in their Easter dresses and I am encouraging mama mary to do a late easter, late memorial day and late 4th of july photo shoot. I will need a lot of luck to get that done.

Molly thought all pillows should be shaped like teddy bears. I really miss my pal.

Well stay tuned we might get another post up soon with – wait for it- Easter pictures. Lol.

Well take care everybody and y’all stay out of trouble.


Teddy bear yates.

7 thoughts on “A long time gone

  1. Dear Teddy Bear Yates,

    I was so sorry to read about the sad happenings in your family’s life. I hope things will be better sometime soon.

    Your new dog Shadow is probably so happy to have a new forever home. I am sure she will bring you all years of love and joy.

    Your friend,
    Anne R


  2. Anne she has been here less than 3 weeks and it is like she has been here for years.
    She also likes to use teddy bear for her pillow.
    I am. So happy to have her. Thank you for your kind comments.

    Mary y


  3. So sorry to hear of the loss of your little one…even when we expect it.never easy to lose our dear ones. And I am so happy that you have adopted a new angel!! That is the very best tribute we can give a well loved pet..to give another one a wonderful life. Thank you!!! I will be thinking of you and your sister. Take care of yourself.


  4. So so sorry about your dog Molly..I know how hard that is…hope your doing well…miss our olive garden lunches..😍


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