Happy Fall

Mama mary decided to spend a few minutes this morning to get a fall/Halloween picture up. Well shadow wanted in on the action. She kept barking at mama trying to get her to play with her. Mama wanted her to get in our picture but I think it is actually not possible for her to sit still enough for a formal picture unless of course someone sedated her

Here i am with my best friend Becky bear.

A close up of my dress
Shadow on her belly barking at mama
17 pounds of pure energy. Biggest problem is she is cute and knows she is and uses that fact to get her way. She has been here since june . She obeys come sit and stay all important commands for a dogs safety. Mama mary has started to teach her street safety while out on walks. Molly mamas previous dog looked both ways before crossing the street. I understand people were pretty impressed by that.

Well maybe more later this week mama mary has some real life issues to deal with at this time.

I say who does t? She needs to get her act together. Lol

Stay safe everybody.

Teddybear yates

2 thoughts on “Happy Fall

  1. Teddy Bear Yates

    Thanks for sharing the photos of you and your best friend. Your new fall dresses are very nice. Sounds like Mama Mary has her hands full with her new dog Shadow but I imagine Shadow is so happy to have a new forever home that he/she will calm down soon.


    1. Anne we specifically adopted a 4 year old dog because neither one of us has the energy for a puppy, but this little girl is not just happy all the time, she is exuberant. She really lifts my spirits. Thanks for your kind comments.


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