A trip to the dentest

Hey everyone yesterday mama Mary had some extensive 

Dental work done. Very unpleasant but it really went a lot better than mama thought it would.

Afterward the dentist and her staff sent mama Mary this really adorable floral arrangement to cheer her up.

And it really Has! Mama carries it from room to room with her so she can enjoy it more.  Two of mama’s very favorite things in this world are flowers and dogs.
Take care everyone

Teddy bear

A very vintage crochet kit

Mama mary has continuously  been trying to downsize her

Craft room. She has come across some vintage crochet kits she purchased a long time ago to crochet for her hitty dolls.

This one in particular has the loveliest  sparkle thread. The pattern should fit hitty  with very little alterations.

Good luck mama

Take care all

Teddy bear

Alert the press!!! I have made my decision.

Well I finally  decided to give the little quilt to the bitty hitty’s. For one thing

Mama has already made so many items for hitty bee and hitty JingJing .

But the biggest reason I decided to give the bitty  hittys the quilt was because those tiny little feet jumping all over me  yelling We want the quilt, was really painful. Under my fur I am a delicate little thing.

Well with this enormous decision behind us mama can concentrate on making things for ME!
Take care


Yet another hitty doll project completed

Mama mary finnally finished the  little quilt.   julies instructions  were for a larger quilt but she decided to use a half inch seam allowance and trim down seams to make a smaller item. It turned out very crooked but as she aims for enjoying the work she does  she is not so concerned. She does not want to  be overly critical of her work causing her to cease to enjoying the process. Since  she was making the quilt for her own hitty dolls  and not a swap ,she was satisfied with results, having long ago realized her  talent level. And learned to live with it. Overall she  was quite pleased with the finished item .now she has to decide whether to give it to hitty bee or to the much smaller bitty hitty dolls. Lucky for her I am here to advise her in all the important decisions she needs to make in her life.

Well next she is sewing a dress for me to wear in July. We  will attempt to get up to bridgeville pa   every July as mama has a twin sister who lives there and for the last 68 years they have managed to be together on or near their  birthday.. except for one long ago  . AUNT Geri does not fly so we try to get up there. My cousin honey bear lives with aunt Geri and when we were up there last July aunt Geri had made her a gorgeous 4th of July dress from kind of flag fabric. So this year mama will be making a dress for me in the hope she will get a nice photo of us cousin bears for the blog.

Take care all 

Teddy bear

Another hitty dollproject and a new dress for me

Mama M got this really sweet dress for me. A very good deal used almost  new on ebay. It is a bit girly but I try to be girly when I can.in this picture Molly dog is sharing her “binky” ( dog chew bone) with me.

Also here is a little quilt for my hitty doll friends . This is a kit designed by Julie old crow a very talented designer  of all things hitty.

Take care all.

Teddy b

A nice day with a good breeze

Mama Mary says that on a pretty day with a gentle breeze that is is always a

A good idea to get “bear naked” and sit in an open window and air out the fur!,

So here I am , I am not as shy as I used to be and rather enjoyed being

“Bear naked”.

Mama says my brindle ripples of fur are really too pretty to hide with clothing all the time.

Take care and enjoy the spring weather.
Teddy bear yates

A very pretty day in the carolinas

Well hey everybody,
Today was a very pretty day. Mama M took me outdoors to photograph me with the azaleas.  A funny thing about the azalea s, they are just a flash in the pan and have such a short time to bloom and then weeks of old beat up flower petals. They look really good for such a short time. Maybe because mama is from up north is the reason azaleas  do not impress her. Everybody around here gets real excited about them so it  must just be her. In any case she got a pic of me with some azaleas  over around the Commons pool. We almost missed them another 2 hours ( ha  ha) and they will be gone, this will have to be my official easter photo since easter day mama came home from church and did some therapeutic  napping and did not get any pics.

On the other hand the carolinas are a great place for pansies  which bloom all winter here. Mama plants them at Halloween and they bloom continuously until late June when it gets too hot for them here

Then we checked out the situation on the deck there are big empty pots there which need to be filled with dirt and flowers planted. Mama will plant one with morning glory and moonflower seeds and then let them ramble over the deck rails.

Morning glories are my personal favorite.

There was a little lizard (known in the south as a skink) sunning himself on

the porch chair. They are always there and we always need to look for them before we sit down. Some people consider them to be awful pests but they eat insects and mosquitos which is good. When they are on grass they are green and on the deck they turn brown. I think this one got a little confused.!

Well take care all

Teddy bear