Post memorial day – out comes the white dresses

Hey everyone , 

Mama Mary is from “up north” originally and is very old fashioned.

She insists that you do not wear white   or linen until after memorial day and you put your whites and linens  away after labor day. This really dates her and some of you can guess her advanced Age!

So last week before Molly had her surgery she dressed me and 2 of my good friends becky bear and betsy bear in our sailor dresses. She was not satisfied with the pics and may do a “do over” outdoors.

The wonderful quilt was purchased on ebay already embroiderered. I 

Believe  it was from a stamped cross stitch baby quilt kit. Mama likes to do stamped cross stitch but had never seen this kit before finished or unfinished. It was beautifully crafted and she got what she calls ” a good “price”, another one of her favorite things.
Molly the dog is bouncing back miraculously from her surgery.

Too bad people do not heal as fast. We are having a hard time restraining her. She is a very active dig even at the age of 12.

Mama calls her “my circus dog” because she never walks when she can run, takes the stairs 3 at a time and jumps over beds,  you go girl!!

Take care, Teddy fear yates

Molly the dog has a very rough day

Hey everyone, My best friend Molly the dog had to have surgery 

On Friday to remove yet another tumor.  This was the 3rd one and it was the most extensive.  The first 2 were low grade malignancy.  The results if this one 

Are in a “wait and see” mode waiting for  the biopsy report. She had a really  tough  day yesterday and was in considerable pain last night. To restrict her movements she had to sleep in her crate last night with the door closed, something that never happens. She slept pretty good and this  morning she ate a little and even went outdoors to tinkle. She has always bounced back very quickly t from these tumor removals but  her age is 12 years old now. However she is resting peacefully and does not seem to be in a lot of pain this morning, mama Mary slept very poorly last night and I like to think I was a great comfort to her choosing to sleep with her instead of Molly since Molly needed a good rest. And I did not want to crowd her in her crate.
 I will keep you posted on her recovery. She is a real VIP  in this house and it is distressing  to see her like this.  Her doctor thinks it went quite well.

Teddy bear yates

Loafing around the yard

Hey everyone

Today is the kind of day people move to the carolinas for. Warm sunny with a great breeze.

Mama and I walked around the yard and inspected various potted and unpotted  plants.
We live in a town home community but we have an end unit so we have a lot of green space and a lot more windows than the inside units.

We maintain a small garden in the front and a few pots on the back deck. Also being g in the end unit we have 2 wonderful maple trees we call ” our trees”. Look closely I am sitting in the chair under the trees.

Our building also backs up onto a wooded area that runs along a small Creek. It is a protected  wetland area so there will never be any building put up back there. In the summer the woods become quite thick and there are deer, owls, bunnies squirrels etc. Here I am on the back deck.

I ended up taking a small nap on the deck. Naps are my Friends!

Take care all Teddy bear yates

A quiet morning at the cabin

Well hey everyone,
Here are some pics of hitty JING Jing visiting hitty bee at the little cabin

On a quiet morning.

The beagle  is  daisy dog, the German Shepherd belongs to hitty bee and his name is duke. The little cats are Mackey and minnie.
Take care,

Teddy bear 

Moving day has come and gone

Hey, everyone

Hitty JING Jing and hitty bee would like me to posts these pics of hitty bee’s new cabin after she has moved in. There needs to be some fine tuning  etc. To be done but that can take its time.

Now that the big move has been accomplished maybe mama can concentrate on Me! But no, now she has 2 more roomboxes she wants to make up for her gail wilson hitty doll furniture collection. Hopefully if I Supervise she will get it done quickly. Altho mama says that getting it done is most of the fun.

A few details the flooring was done with popsicle sticks that were sanded and painted after being glued down

the interior walls are dollhouse siding pieces glued down and then stained. The window was a small picture frame that was sanded and painted. The fireplace was an unfinished wooden dolllhouse fireplace that was painted and then had pebbles glued to it for tge stone fireplace effect. All easy and inexpensive options. 2 of mama s favorites – inexpensive and easy
Take care all

Teddy bear

Another hitty doll project completed

Hey everyone

Mama Mary has been on a Roll!

This was a vintage kit which was purchased years ago. It was partially completed. Mama finished the dress and hat and made the flower basket. One thing about these vintage kits is tge thread. The colors are so amazing. The thread was very soft.

Hitty Ann, ┬ámama’s first raikes hitty is modeling

Take care,

Teddy bear yates

Hitty JING JING prepares for new neighbor

Hey everyone Teddy bear here

The last couple of days mama Mary has been finishing up the “little house on the prairie”  roombox for hitty bee (cole) to move into. It has been very exciting. 

The roof goes on!!
Hitty JING JING and hitty bee discuss furnishing the roombox.

A little break in hitty JING JINGs roombox.

We will be posting more pics later

Take care

TEDDY bear